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General info

In this page you will find the Mac Os port of the mbedit program.
The easy way is just to download the dmg package, by clicking on the above folder, open it in Finder, read the install instructions on the README file included. and then copy the relevant files in a folder of your choice, included in the search path of your installation.

The package includes the universal binary (both for intel X86 cpu's and for the Apple Silicon cpu's), the basic macros to adapt it to the Mac environment and the syntax highlighter file for the supported languages (a lot!).
An Extra folder contains an additional macro file with a number of useful functions, that you may wish to install in your home directory, and the dedicated binaries if the universal one isn't properly supported on your specific Mac.

Tuning to your taste

Mbedit is highly configurable. You may change the colors, most of the key mappings, add the highlighter for a language not supported, etc. See the documentation on the main mbedit page.

Keep in mind that on MAC the ANSI sequences for color mapping are used, and that some keys are not available. Alternative key mappings are provided in the default macros, such as ^S in place of ^V, "=" in place of <F1> etc. You may add more according your needs. Macro search (files named mbedit.mac) is performed in the following order: system search path ($PATH value), executable folder, your home folder. The last one found takes precedence. The same holds true for the syntax file (mbedit.syn).
Cut and paste (⌘-C - ⌘-V) are supported. You should however be aware that you can paste text only in insert mode. In command mode what you paste will be interpreted as commands! It is advisable when pasting text to disable the auto-indent mode (S-I-N) to avoid unpleasant staircase results...

The source code

The source code is pretty much identical to the original one. Just one more entry in config2.hh to define a new ACT_OP_SYS i.e. MAC_OS, the addition of MAC_OS to the family of UNIX platforms where required (taking into account that the Unix flavour of Mac is BSD), and the addition of a specific shift_left_buff in kb_input.c to take into account that the BSD strcpy doesn't support overlapping buffers.

If you are interested, you may download the full sources either as a Zip File or as a tar.bz2 file

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